The 8 best healthy snacks for the office


I got an email from my boyfriend today asking me what are the best healthy snacks to have in the office. Quick and easy nibbles that you don’t have spend time on that don’t make you feel like shit. Here’s what I sent him. You can order all of them online so you can just have them sent directly to your stylish cubical.

Sunbiotics Almonds. Pure protein and healthy fats to fill you up, but portioned so you don’t eat to many. (I like the cheese flavor)
Eden Trail mix. These come in different flavors and have a little bit of sweetness from the dried fruit.
Kind Bars. We’re all familiar with these.
18 Rabbits Granola Bars. If you don’t want lots of nuts these are great.
479 Organic popcorn in single servings. If you want to have something savory I think popcorn is the best snack. It’s really low calorie but feels indulgent.
Eden Foods Tamari pumpkin seeds. These are the best answer when you want something salty.

Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Mini Chocolate. The perfect little bite of cacao.

Ginny Bakes Mini organic chocolate chip cookies in single servings. These are so satisfying, gluten free and non gmo.