Almost done 

Did I tell you that we’re building a house? It’s been such a big project, but incredibly fun. From time to time you can see more on snapchat (laneycrowell). Do you follow me? It’s my favorite social channel these days. This is the kitchen which is part of a big room that has the living room and dining room and huge doors that open out to the back yard. Can’t wait til the decorating begins…


It’s so funny how things come around. Years ago I worked with a wonderful jewelry designer when I worked at ELLE Accessories. Her name was Elisa Solomon. I loved her sweet turquoise animals that decorated her delicate beaded bracelets. They appealed to the Colorado in me (I lived there until I was 4 years old).

Thanks to Instagram Elisa and I were recently reunited. I instantly feel in love with one of her new designs: this stone-studded heart ring that I now wear on the pinkie. I like wearing hearts because every time you see them, you can’t help but smile.