THe SCalloped EDge

They look kinda professional huh?

Since I’ve become a freelancer the biggest change in my life has been cooking. See, no one in New York cooks. Kitchens are too small, ingredients too expensive, grocery stores too far away and in all honesty after a ten hour work day, it’s just so much easier to order in. But now that I work from home I can’t exactly use that last excuse. So, I’ve started cooking.

Last night my mom was in town. We went to see Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart at the Angelika and then I decided to make a recipe from The French Chef Cookbook. My ex-boyfriend’s mom gave it to me years ago and until yesterday, it had gone untouched. I decided upon the Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Sea Scallops). The recipe met all of my requirements: one pan, few ingredients, little time and best of all, the end result reflected so much more.

My mom and I placed the pan-seared scallops over a bed of arugula, used the excess olive oil as a dressing with a little added lemon juice, and sipped on a chilled rose wine. Next time I serve it (in my daydream I’ve cooked it for my current crush) I’m going to add a basket of crusty french bread and a fresh baked plum tart for dessert.

The recipe was so incredibly easy:

-rinse and dry scallops

-place them on a sheet of wax paper while heating olive oil in a pan (just enough to coat the bottom)

-sprinkle the scallops with salt, pepper, a couple drops of lemon juice, and then dip them in the tiniest bit of flour

-once the oil in the pan is smoking (this is the important part), place the scallops in the pan.

-move them around (flip them over, scoot them around the pan) for 5 minutes until they are brown

-toss them with a glove of minced garlic and a little butter

Et voila. Yamma.


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