TOday is EVerything

Last night was one of those magical nights you just don’t want to end. The energy in the air, cocktails at Betel, eclectic company, Joseph Leonard’s food, the wine- it was the kinda of perfect that bordered on divine. We walked home so sleepy we could barely keep our eyes open, and while anxious to get to bed we lingering on the sidewalk as to prolong the moment. In a final attempt to hold on to the day we ducked in to my local bar for a nightcap.

This is the point where I would like to press rewind. I distinctly remember telling myself I needed to go to the gym. But, needless to say, I don’t have a remote control for life and I woke up feeling quite queezy this morning (and my running shoes did not make it out of the closet). In times like these, the only thing that will get me through the dragging pre-lunch hours is an everything bagel with cream cheese. And I love every carb-filled moment of it. So much so, I’m kinda glad I had a green-colored beer at two am.


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