JUst BEcause

Because I love to write. Because I often wish I was there. Because of the wonderful things my friends do. Because getting mail is so much fun. Because sometimes I just can’t resist. Sometimes, just BECAUSE.

In other words, I send a lot of cards.

And I adore receiving them. In this email era there’s something romantic, sorta Age of Innocence-y about receiving a card in the mail- it simply means more. I cherish seeing the sender’s handwriting, scratched out mistakes, and the fact that they went to the effort of sending it.

When I heard that an old co-editor of mine from ELLE Accessories had started making her own line of cards I have to admit I got a little giddy. Especially since she has hands down the best style of anyone I have ever met. True to form, her line of cards Paper Machine is impecible. Along with Hello Lucky,  Egg Press, Elum, and Delphine Press, there is really no reason not to make Emily Post proud.

Photos: http://www.jessicaz.etsy.com



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