MY CRazy HEart

Ever since watching Jeff Bridges’ acclaimed performance in the country music laden film Crazy Heart I’ve been nonstop daydreaming. In my imagination, instead of my all-black, all-the-time attire I’m covered in mounds of turquoise jewelry. So much so that I’m known far and wide as the kooky girl who lives in New York but dresses as if she just got off the plane from Albuquerque. My apartment is decorated in cowhide rugs, antlers and feather-covered dreamcatchers. Ralph Lauren comes to me to get inspiration for his latest “Urban Cowgirl” collection.

Right about now is when I remember that sadly, on a road trip with my dad a few years back, stopping in Santa Fe, Taos, Moab and the like, I lacked the foresight to invest in the Southwestern bobbles necessary to make this fantasy come to life.  Although maybe, just maybe it’s a blessing…

Bad Blaze Approved

Clockwise: Sunglasses, $78,; Belt, $29,; Necklace, $30,; Clutch, Jimmy Choo, $795,; Boot, Frye, $348,; Bracelets, Ippolita, $295,, Necklace, $44,; Jeans, $30,


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