TRied and TRue

When I worked at a start-up fashion website a couple years ago I blogged about the beauty world and all the wonders within. On one assignment I had the opportunity to meet with make-up artist Jordy Poon at the Rita Hazan salon. While re-reading that blog post this morning I realized that I still use all of the techniques he taught me, years later!

Here are some excerpts for the original post:

(…) Because my skin was looking tired from all the holiday parties I had been attending, he decided to focus on my eyes. He said “When you want to hide something the key is DISTRACTION. Distraction, distraction. distraction!” Instead of putting excessive amounts of foundation on, which would just look like I was trying to cover something up, he brought attention to my eyelids by creating a “Kate Moss rocker look.”

He made my eyes look less round and more almond shaped by shading the outerlid with darker shadows and then inside with a lighter, almost white color. He put Almay liquid eyeliner, “the only liquid eyeliner that doesn’t move,” underneath my upper lashes. He explained, “this step really finishes the look because it eliminates any nude spotes that would distract from the smoky eye.” Using a Kevin Aucoin eyelash curler, which is “one of the only curlers that actually works,” he spent a good five minutes creating the perfect bend before coating them with Shu Uemura mascara.

On my face, Jordy put a light coat of La Mer moisturizer all over and then primer underneath my eyes. He dampened a foundation sponge with water before using it to put Giorgio Armani Illuminating Foundation over my whole face. He used a color slightly warmer than my natural skin color to even out the tone without having to use a lot of product. Just a touch of pink blush on the apples of my cheeks and La Prairie Cellular Lip renewal as a gloss, and I was ready to go.

The whole time comparing me to Hilary Rhoda and making me look the best I’ve possibly ever looked, I couldn’t help but comment aloud, “It must be so gratifiying making people feel so beautiful.” Like any true artist would respond, he countered with “There isn’t anything I would rather do.”


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