LEigh VIner

Last night my good friend Aurora led me to artist Leigh Viner’s website. Aurora bought one of her prints for a friend as a wedding present, having spent days scouring websites, blogs, and the like to find the perfect gift. Eventually she found a print of Leigh’s that looked exactly like the bride and with the help of the artist she picked out a gorgeous modern frame. And yes, everything Aurora does is this thoughtful, chic and cool (I’m always the one complaining that everything on the registry has been taken- eight months after the wedding).

Like Aurora, I instantly fell in love with Leigh’s bold yet feminine colors and faces. I’m deciding between the attached pieces to go on the wall above my desk. My decorating vision is a melange of female portraits, say, six or seven. Maybe some photographs as well. Maybe I’ll even make a stop by the art store and pick up a couple canvases and mix in my own work- I mean, I did take an art class in 5th grade…

Before I get ahead of myself, help me make the impossible decision of choosing between these beauties:

Photos: Leigh Viner


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