HIppy DIppy

Photo: LeFashion

Remember when it wasn’t all about trying to look younger? Instead of buying anti-aging everything and being beyond elated to get carded at a bar, all you wanted was to look as old as possible. That feels like a long time ago, but when I saw this picture on one of my favorite fashion inspiration blogs, I immediately flashed back to playing dress-up, covering myself in my mom’s hippy college clothes, and shuffling around in her four-inch wooden platforms. As my she would say, placing a crown of daisies on my head, there’s nothing wrong with a little flower power (even at this age).

Clockwise from the top:

Headband, Roxy, $14, Swell

Earrings, Annette Ferdinandsen, $530, Ylang 23

Necklace, $11, Forever 21

Clog, $90, Aldo

Purse, $408, Hayden Harnett

Vest, Rachel Rachel Roy, $105, Macy’s

Dress, Thomas Wylde, $1,800, Net-a-Porter


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