COrporate COol

1. Jessica Simpson, $69   2. Nine West, $78   3. Joan and David, $200   4. Christian Louboutin, $725

Most of my friends have real jobs- you know, jobs that require real degrees from law schools, medical schools, and business schools. Turns out that having a real job means that you also have to dress like a real person. Which I can’t say I initially knew a lot about. I’ve always worked in fashion, a very unreal world where you get in to the office at ten, get to wear beat up jeans and oversized shirts (because that’s what “The Man” (Wang, of course) says is in style), and it’s totally reasonable to take half a day off work to deal with a hair-color situation. As I said though, most of my friends work in the real world and so, over the years I’ve learned about real world fashion problems. Like the issue of the black pump. It’s pretty much the only corporate-appropriate shoe, and yet, it can still be hard to find. Here is a selection that I picked out for Vivian last week when she was having a really big shoe emergency.


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