HOme SWeet HOme

I’ve been home sick since I left, ten years ago. Around a holiday it gets even worse and I find myself listlessly gazing at my phone’s screen saver- the view from my parents’ kitchen window.

I moved to Marin County, CA when I was a sophomore in high school. Since I’m not technically from there, I think I can say from an unbiased point of view that it’s one of the most amazing places on earth. The fog rolls in and the mountains poke out creating a veritable Never Never Land. The location is perfect. After a breathtaking hike on Mt. Tamalpais or swimming at Stinson beach you can skip in to the city for a fabulous dinner at Beretta or Delphina. Speaking of which- the vegetables! Oh, vegetables at the farmer’s market are more than divine. On the weekends we pick up the most flavorful local legumes, fresh eggs, and cream from the Point Reyes dairy. When all you’ve had in the last year is New York City produce that tastes like refrigerator, it’s as if you’ve never really had a vegetable before that moment. And I’m not even going to start talking about the strawberries.

My most favorite part though, is the feeling of calm. There is a total lack of frenetic energy, it’s all intentionally very unexciting. On weekday nights we sit around, sip on herbal tea, and talk about our feelings and emotions. Sometimes on Sunday nights my aunts will cook a big dinner and my whole family gathers at our house (we’re not trusted with anything other than dessert after last year’s Thanksgiving debacle)- it’s the most lovely end to the week.

Ok, ok, so maybe I’m a little biased.


One comment

  1. i don’t think you’r biased…it’s seriously one of the most gorgeous places ever!

    i grew up in northern california…homesick too 😉

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