HOme IMprovements

True story: Nate Berkus, Oprah’s interior designer, lives above me. But while we may live in identical spaces, our apartments could not be more different. He decorates with color and loves the beach-y vibe, I gravitate towards muted pastels and french boudoirs. He has perfectly renovated and adorned his place and I still have, to put it gently, some more to do. I blame Domino folding (tear) at the same time that I moved in, because I just kinda lost steam. Recently though, I’ve discovered Lonny magazine and along with the Selby, I’ve started to get inspired again.

To do: Since before my name was even on the dotted line, I’ve talked about putting a chandelier in my bedroom. I’ve also threatened to visit the Bella Notte outlet near my parent’s home in Marin for rich, luxe bedding. And my desk, I swear I try to organize the papers and letters littering my work space multiple times a week. The hardest room though is my kitchen. I haven’t quite figured out what French chic kitchen ware is.

Now, if only I could get Nate to come downstairs and do all this for me…

Chandeliers at ABC Home and Carpet

Bella Notte bedding

Blanket box (aka dirty laundry hamper) from The French Bedroom Company

Aerin Lauder’s desk was featured in Domino July/August issue 2006 and I still think about it…

Jewelry boxes from West Elm to organize paper clips, business cards, and all the other random things that love to messy up my desk.

Mini vases from RouDesigns, because fresh flowers are a must.

Equestrian bookends from Gump’s, $48 (!)

Mugs from Anthropology for organizing my silverware a la Real Simple.


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