FLying HIgh

Tomorrow I fly to Colorado, Friday I come back, and Saturday my skin is going to look terrible. I’ve flown enough to know that with out fail my poor, high-maintenance epidermis is going to dehydrated, puffy and breaking out.

 I do have a couple tricks up my sleeve. First, I refuse to fly with out my monogrammed matching cashmere blanket and facemask. Ridiculous? Yes. Incredibly comforting not to be touched by an airplane blanket and get a little sleep? Double yes. I received mine as a gift, but a friend has the above set from Saks and is just as addicted as I am.

Second, rely on Dr. Perricon’s flying advice. I found these tips in an article a couple years ago and have prescribed to them ever since. His final tip is my favorite: He says, “Relax! It’s not every day that we have a legitimate excuse to have our head in the clouds.”

-Take a high quality omega 3’s essential fatty acid fish oil supplement. These are natural anti-inflammatories and you should take 3 capsules twice a day the day before the flight, the day of the flight and the day following the flight.

-Avoid salty foods and alcohol the day that you’re flying and instead snack on: unsalted nuts, all-natural sliced turkey or chicken, omega 3 hard boiled eggs, cantaloupe, and plain yogurt.

-Apply topical anti-oxidants containing DMAE to prevent water retention and puffiness in face, eyes, and hands. Try Dr. Perricone’s own Solar Protection Defense wtih DMAE.

-Take Pycnogenol, which has been shown to reduce jetlag by nearly 50 percent!
Note: The Pycnogenal supplements are a little bit of an investment and personally I think that the omega 3 supplements are more effective.


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