BYob BIrthday

There is always something to learn and take away from a relationship. You might learn how to tell a good story or  love more honestly. Or how to parallel park, that rare burgers are really the best, or maybe the techniques involved in solving the NYT Sunday crossword puzzle. Regardless of what is it, there is always something. In the case of my friend M and her ex-boyfriend the journalist/writer, it was the location of the best BYOB restaurant in SoHo: Ivo and Lulu. He took her there on their first date and impressed her with his thoughtfulness in pre-selecting the perfect wine to go with the French-Caribbean fare, knowing the owner by name, and speaking a few words of français with the waiter.

Years, and many exes later my friend has all but forgotten about the journalist/writer, but Ivo and Lulu is still one of her favorites. And so, this Wednesday we took advantage of the warm night, picked up a bottle of Reisling and walked down to Broome and Varick to celebrate her birthday. I can’t think of many things better than dinner with your girlfriends and nice wine– thank you Mr. journalist/writer ex.

Vintage dress, Theory jacket, Jill Stuart pumps, vintage clutch, Hermes watch.


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