HEat WAve

In California there is no reason to talk about the weather, because, well, it’s always the same. In the words of L.A. Story’s Steve Martin, “Today’s forecast is seventy-five degrees and sunny.” Not so in New York– it can be thirty degrees one day and ninety the next. Such was the case last week. Monday I was wearing a jacket, by Wednesday my air-conditioning was on and Friday it was chilly again. The sun came back out this weekend which meant iced coffee, crosswords in the park and of course, sundresses.

My 3.1. Phillip Lim hippy dress is always the first thing I pull out of storage. This weekend I paired it with a shawl that I picked up in Nepal, old Miu Miu flats and my go-to vintage clutch. I actually purchased this purse Spring break junior year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was told by one of my fellow party go-ers that I might possibly have the worst taste ever in purse selection. It was a fair comment at the time since my uniform was comprised of Express stretch black pants and Steven Madden platform shoes. But, thankfully I didn’t listen to them because it’s the perfect pairing for my closet full of boho dresses and it gets me in the mood to drink margaritas, don my bikini, and dance on bars– err wait, scratch the last one.



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