SAmantha HOuse ONline

As a possible repercussion of reading too many Eckhart Tolle books in my youth, I believe in personal magnetism. What I mean by this is, I believe as individuals we are each attracted to each other like magnets, our energies pull us towards specific people. This is why you meet certain people and not others, and why you seem to run in to the same people over and over again. Before I get too hippy-dippy on you, let me give you an example:

At the Erin Wasson RVCA F/W 10 show I ran in to one of my favorite jewelry designers, Samantha House. I had not heard from or seen her since I worked a ELLE Accessories years ago, but  think of her often (specifically every morning when I don her star pendant necklace). We ran smack-dap in to each other backstage and she promptly informed me that she’d been emailing me (to an old address) for months. In a sea of hundreds of people, it’s impossible that the run-in was not “meant to be”. Since that fated day I’ve come on board to help her launch her new line and e-commerce site. I couldn’t be more excited– I love her designs more than ever, adore her, and can’t wait to see the line grow.

In celebration we are going to be drinking wine and munching on cupcakes today, April 17th from 1pm to 6 pm at the Hayden-Harnett store in Nolita, 253 Elizabeth Street. Samantha is having a trunk show and raffling off one of her fabulous statement necklaces and both Samantha’s jewels and Harden-Harnett’s luxurious bags will be 25% off all day. If you can’t make it though, visit her site asap- you get a free pair of Astroid earrings with your first purchase!


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