MY HAir GUru

Myself, Jenna, and Vivian (all devotees of David) at the Erin Fetherson F/W ’10 show.

The one thing people always comment on is my hair (and my height but I wouldn’t say I appreciate those “compliments”). But I have to come clean, I can’t take credit for my coif. I didn’t inherit great hair, I don’t use any special products or tools and I don’t have any secret blow-drying techniques.

It’s all David. Years ago, he transformed me from West Coast surfer girl to fashion editor chic. Ever since he has managed not only my super long hair, but also my annoying tendencies (I’m famous for “needing a change” but not wanting to take off any length), and all with incredible ease.

As a special treat to my readers David has offered complimentary haircuts to the first ten people who email me. Send me a note asap at and I’ll set you up. I have to say though, you are most likely going to find his snips addictive…

**FYI, he works his magic in the fabulous Cutler SoHo salon so this offer is unfortunately just for my New York darlings.


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