SUnday GIrls

Last Sunday, a group of eight fashion editors, the Blue Stripe pr ladies and myself convened at The Crosby Street Hotel to celebrate Joie‘s new collection. The event was so fabulous, I have to admit I wondered if I was really supposed to be there. I got the best seat in the house, nestled next to Erin D. in from L.A., Noria Morales, my former Lucky magazine co-worker, and Jessica B., one of my all-time favorite pr gals. We munched on seared tuna salad, egg sandwiches, granola, and sipped on an endless stream of berry mimosas. The group chatted about secret apartments for rent in Tribeca, how freelancing is the new full-time, and of course, everyone’s favorite topic, weddings.

On top of it all, we were surrounded by racks of Joie’s new, too cute, too perfect collection. After eating we reverted back to high-schoolers and snapped silly pictures of each other with Fuji’s new mini polaroid cameras. I was like a pig in sh*t (excuse my language) and I have a sinking feeling this weekend is going to very much pale in comparison…



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