POst-party PRoblems

An alternate title for the post is HAngover HEll.

Saturday’s brunch got relocated to the new boozy daytime locale, I Tre Merli. Yep, you heard it here first: if you’re looking for $500 bottles of wine and Champagne bottles with sparklers at 3 pm, Revel is dead, the Koch brothers have moved on and ITM is it. We danced, we drank mimosas as if they were going out of style (are they out of style?), and then we danced some more. Let’s put it this way, one of us, a doctor no less, was spotting smoking with the Euros outside.  Afterwards we crashed a BBQ, got many an annoying look from our non-drunk peers, and by 11 pm we were sent home by our boyfriends.

The next day I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus. I resigned to never drink again, put on my sweats and watched fifteen hours of back-to-back movies. Luckily it was raining outside so I didn’t have to feel too guilty about wasting my day (although it didn’t ease my guilt about acting like a college student on Spring break). Since I did have a few visitors throughout the day I did want to look somewhat presentable though, and so I opted for my Adidas by Stella McCartney sweat suit. I realise that everyone loves her pieces, but her stuff is so incredibly cute, comfy, and stylish I can’t help but reiterate my lust for the entire collection.

Here are my favs:

Sweatshirt, tank, sweatpants, tennis shoes, shorts, swimsuit* all Adidas by Stella McCartney at

*the swimsuit is for the race I’m swimming in June– note to self: less partying, more training.


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