YOu ARe WHat YOu EAt

 I also believe you are what you put on your skin. Which is why I try to only put all-natural, i.e., found on the 25 % off shelf at Whole Foods, products on my skin. The only downfall to these “healthy” beauty solutions is that just like their “healthy  food” counterparts, they aren’t always satisfying. They don’t burn your skin or claim to eliminate wrinkles over night, they don’t have Keira Knightly in their ad campaigns, and they definitely don’t claim to be just as effective as poisonous, infamous Botox.

At least that’s what I thought until a friend of mine (a beauty editor at a top magazine who is bombarded by skin care regimes galore every day) recommended Eclos. She told me it was a guilt-free way to freshen my skin (I was complaining about my dull, winterified face and threatening to request a peel from my dermo). I’ve been using the facewash and serum for about a week and I swear my skin looks brighter already. And it’s so, so, so much easier than forgoing dessert.



    • I love the way they smell, I love the texture and most of all I love that they aren’t too harsh that they make me break out, but strong enough that I see an improvement in my skin. It’s a fine line!
      Ps, thanks for the where to buy! Will add the link now!

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