DAyDReamy DResses

Maje dress,

I have a bad daydreaming habit. Hours, days, nights can be lost to one daydream or another for no particular reason.

Recently I have been envisioning my friend’s upcoming wedding. He eloped in Vegas a few months ago and is celebrating his impromptu marriage with a huge party in New York. Just about every boy I had a crush on in college is going to be in attendance. And rumor has it The Black Crowes are going to be making an appearance! 

So, my train ride to work and my train ride home are spent daydreaming about the party. Who will be there, what will be said, Chris Robinson professing his undying love for me, and of course, what I will be wearing.

Needless to say, it will be a dress but sometimes it’s ethereal, other times it’s super hip, sweet, retro, or sexy. It’s always adorned with magical accessories that make me two sizes smaller, three inches shorter, and effortlessly cool with out an ounce of  social anxiety to speak of.

A girl can dream can’t she?

Phillip Lim,

Sass and Bide,

Alice + Olivia,

Isabel Marant,



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