WHat IS ROmance?

“What is romance?” Miss Lauren S. asked yesterday. For being such a notorious softy cheese ball you would think that I would have had an answer ready to go. But alas, I did not. Until my friend Lindsey forwarded me the picture she received from her boy du jour this morning. He snapped a pic of his morning doodles– and this, my friends, is romance.

But it doesn’t have to be about boys. I find the rain to be terribly romantic, as well as sitting on a park bench. Eating ice cream on a hot night and having sticky fingers after. Strands and strands of outdoor lights. My favorite flower, pink peonies. Any color peony actually. Snuggling up in layers of blankets. Getting a hand written note in the mail. Sharing a cup of tea with someone you love.

See,  I told you I’m a cheese ball.



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