HEar HEr ROar

Supposedly the New York Times couldn’t even get a reservation! But we pulled a few strings and last night was a magical dinner at the new and very hip restaurant The Lion. We sat in a corner booth with a magnificent view of the dining room. The ceilings are twenty feet high, chandeliers hang down all around and light the hundred year old art that covers the walls.

Our waiter was a mini bald man who told us that our table had magical powers. As Ashley blew out her candle he told her that as long as we all believed her wish would come true, it would. Like a group of witches we pooled our powers, closed our eyes, and believed. Our waiter said he got goose bumps.

P.s. As soon as my fellow cohorts wake up I’ll add our pictures from last night.

P.p.s. Start with the asparagus, next get the burger with a side of mushrooms, and finish with the apple beignets.

Images courtesy of DailyCandy and The New York Times


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