MAke-up RE-up

You know that point when everything in your make-up bag is either broken or one use away from being completely gone? Due to my impressive ability to procrastinate, my collection has been well past that point for the last month.

Today I decided to finally do something about it. Here are my go-to essentials that I picked up today. The result is a streamlined routine which takes about ten minutes, because yes, I also put off getting out of bed in the morning.

First, I apply Bobby Brown foundation (2) to the tops of my eyelids to act as a base for Stila’s Kitten eyeshadow (8). After applying eyeshadow I curl my lashes and then, with a use of a slanted brush, apply Chanel’s Navy eyeshadow (6) as liner. Next, I use Maybelline’s Colossal Volume mascara (7) on my top and bottom lashes– it might actually be better than falsies– and Great Lash clear eyebrow gel (5) and Maybelline eyebrow pencil (3) on my brows. After applying Bobby Brown’s foundation stick under my eyes I use Almay’s Smart Tint (1) (diluted with a little moisturizer) all over my face and dust with a little Maybelline mineral powder (4).

With any extra time I put on blush and swipe some Victoria Secret gloss. If I don’t have an extra time, I just pinch my cheeks and lick my lips as I walk/run to the subway.



  1. I’ve been using face primer on my eyelids before shadow (with not the best results), maybe I should just try foundation on them… Do you always make your own tinted moisturizer for your face, or is that just a summer thing?

    xoxo, Ashley

    • I actually love face primer (Cover FX Bright Prep) but I definitely need to put something additional on my lids. I asked a beauty editor once if she recommends face primer and her response was “You won’t paint your nails without a bottom coat of clear gloss first right?”– but I only use it when I’m going out at night and I need my makeup to stay put until 3 am.
      I started using the Bobby Brown foundation stick because I ran out of the eyelid specific base that I had. It worked so well I just kept using it. I have to admit though, it makes me break out so I just only it on my eyelids and under-eye circles. I dilute my tinted moisturizer all the time because I really love the no-makeup makeup look and the Maybelline mineral powder actually has great coverage.

      I could go on and on….

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