FOod FAntasia


This morning I woke up starving. Visions of sugar plums were literally dancing in my head. It might be because I got way too caught up in last night’s festivities for dinner, or maybe it’s because I’m about to leave on a trip and am starting to miss my New York eats. Either way, while getting ready for work this morning I started thinking about my upcoming meals and came up with what is quite possibly my most-genius idea ever: A restaurant that serves all the very best (i.e., my favorite) things from around the city. 

For breakfast they would have H&H bagels, fruit from the farmer’s market and delights from Sarabeths. Savory dishes would include the lobster roll from Ed’s lobster bar, rock shrimp and miso cod from Nobu, corn on the cob from Cafe Habana, tacos from Mercadito, duck and foie gras raviolli from Scarpetta, bacon from Peter Lugers and the top five burgers from around the city. The cocktail list would include Penny Drops from the Standard and sangria from Alta. For dessert there would of course be Billy’s Bakery‘s banana cake (it changed my life the first time I had it), cupcakes from Sweet Revenge, and gelato from Cones. (location info for all restaurants below…)

What else??








H&H : 236 46th Street at 12th Avenue

Sarabeths: 1295 Madison Ave

Ed’s lobster bar: 222 Lafayette St

Nobu: 105 Hudson St (between Franklin St & Moore St)

Cafe Habana: 17 Prince St (between Elizabeth St & Mott St)

Mercadito: 100 7th Ave S (between S 7 Ave & Barrow St)

Scarpetta: 355 W 14th St

Peter Lugers : 178 Broadway

Alta: 64 W 10th St

Billy’s Bakery: 184 9th Avenue

Sweet Revenge: 62 Carmine St

Cones: 272 Bleecker Street


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