TIme to COme CLean


My yet to be hung, always off-kilter mirror.

Sometimes things gets out of hand. And by things, I mean my vanity. And yes, I mean that in every sense of the word.

Last week D. walked in to my bedroom and declared that it was time for me to reorganize my vanity table. It had become a complete and utter mess. As I admitted here, I have a habit of waiting until the last second to do things. Which means I’m inevitably throwing my hair up, swiping on mascara, and dabbing on perfume with zero minutes left to spare. What ensues is a collection of bobby pins, makeup brushes, and necklaces strewn every which way. Fixing this situation was no small task, as evidenced below, but I got to it last night. While watching Dirty Dancing for what must be the umpteenth time, I wiped, stacked, and Windex-ed.

Here is the final result:

Mesi Jilly ring, vintage pearls, name card from Antonia’s wedding.

1/20 of my jewelry collection on a vintage mirrored tray that I found at the Hells Kitchen Flea Market.

This summer’s scent: Dolce and Gabbana’s L’Amoureux


As it should be.

The key to smokey eyes and perfect eyeliner in my Godmother’s vintage glass.

My embarrassing past.



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