HOme SWeet HOme

Home. The most comforting place in the world. I’m flying home to Marin County (right across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco) this afternoon with Vivian and anxiously awaiting her reaction as we drive over the hill and are confronted with Mount Tamalpais; surrounded by fog, it honestly looks like Never-Never Land from a distance.

I’ve thought long and hard about all the things we’re going to do this weekend and here is what I think are the most essential things to do in the Bay Area:

-Walk around Phoenix Lake, a magical place just fifteen minutes from my house.

-Have Comforts Chinese Chicken salad for lunch while people watching in San Anselmo (although I’m not sure Vivian is quite ready for the sight of a real-live crunchy granola hippy).

-Hang out all day at a real-live North California BBQ, complete with organic potato salad and veggie burgers.

-Drive through Napa Valley and stop by Indian Springs in Calistoga for an old school style mud bath and a dip in the mineral spring.

-Visit Stinson beach (one of my most favorite places in the world).

-Try my Nanna’s egg-salad sandwiches.

-Have a beer at Sam’s sitting over the water in Tiburon marina.

Last but not least,

-Lounge for hours by Lindsey’s pool talking about feelings, emotions, spiritual-ness and what we’re going to pick up at the farmer’s market for dinner.



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