INdependence DAy

This weekend was in a word: perfect. Lindsey and I spent every moment showing Vivian around my beloved Marin County. We even made it in to San Francisco to spend a moment laying in the sand at Chrissy Fields, because I just had to take her to Chestnut Street for an organic lemonade and Kara’s Cupcake.

We successfully made our flag cake that I wrote about here, stood in line for cardamom ice cream at The Scoop, picked up tie-dyed peace sign necklaces in Fairfax, spent every morning hiking around Mt. Tamalpais, had drinks at the new Cavallo Point hotel, and ate more food than I thought humanly possible. The only thing we didn’t accomplish from my list was a sampling of my Nanna’s egg-salad sandwiches. Instead, on the 4th we feasted on hotdog varieties from Bon Appetite’s 50 Best Hotdog list, my Aunt Isabella’s deviled eggs, and Uncle Chuck’s homemade apple and apricot pies.

All photos were taken on either Vivian’s blackberry or my iphone. Note to self, remember camera.


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