A GReen SUmmertime DInner

My trips home are always filled with a lot of time spent in the kitchen. A stove that works, tons of space to spread out my cookbooks, and a car to carry groceries makes the whole process such a joy. Oh, and not to mention the wondrous vegetables. Yesterday, I picked up bags full of English peas and made a crushed peas and feta dish using this recipe. (Note: do not attempt to de-pod two pounds of peas unless you have a plethora of tivoed Oprah).

Because I just couldn’t seem to get myself out of the kitchen, I also prepared sole-wrapped asparagus with a tangerine buerre blanc using this recipe. While intimidating– the recipe’s ingredient list far exceeded my five-per-dish maximum– it turned out quite well.

Paired with grilled pita, mixed green salad, and good company, it made for the perfect summer feast.


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