On the 30th of July I’m off to the Middle East, Qatar to be exact, to work on the TriBeCa Film Festival in Doha‘s website. According to my iPhone widget, the weather there is around 110 degrees and it’s getting hotter by the day. Which means that I’m going to have to start investing in a serious selection of maxi dresses (being that it’s a Muslim country, shorts and tanks tops aren’t exactly going to fly). Since there are heat waves going on in New York and L.A. right now I figure everyone could benefit from my extensive online dress shopping. Stay cool.

Soft florals

1. Adam, $495,

2. Arden B., $49,

3. Topshop, $170,


1. Arden B., $89,

2. Tibi, $380,

3. T-bags, $110 ,

Sleek and chic

1. Splendid, $125 ,

2. Armand Basi, $296,

3. Topshop, $55,


1. Tory Burch, $425,

2. Tara Mathews, $160,

3. Alice+Olivia, $204,



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