ALways REmember

My dear friend Charlene just sent me the link to Ry Cuming’s yet-to-be-released song Always Remember Me. Like with all songs that I fall in love with I’ve been listening to it on repeat over and over again all morning. Since I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic in general lately (for California, youth’s ease, the earring I lost last night, old boyfriends, etc) I decided to round up all of my favorite kinda-depressing-but-lovely songs that I also once listened to 100 plus times a day.

Good Man, Josh Ritter (my morning song, sitting at work before the crowds had arrived, I would get more done in those hours than I would the entire rest of the day)

True Affection, The Blow (perfection)

Everywhere, Fleetwood Mac (I once had their reunion album in my cd player for a year and never once took it out)

Just to See You Smile, Tim McGraw (yes, I like country music, alot)

Fidelity, Regina Spector (she speaks to my heart)

Anything by Keane (I’m immediately taken back to my drive to work on Santa Monica Blvd where I listened to this album every day while sitting in the famous Los Angeles traffic)



  1. Listening to you sing along to Forever And For Always by Shania Twain is one of my most favorite memories. EVER.

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