FIrst TIme FOr EVerything

There is something in everyone’s closet they can’t get rid of, even if it hasn’t been worn in years (or ever at all). This romper is one of those pieces. I saw it online, loved it, and bought it immediately, but never found the right time to wear it. Until Thursday night.

My friends threw me a going away party at Casa La Femme complete with belly dancers, hookas, and baba ghanoush– finally I had an occasion to wear a bright green, super short, deep V, embroidered onesie with gold trim. But that’s the thing about great pieces: Carol from Milk and Mode actually remembered when I bought it (we sat in cubicles next to each other years ago), wearing it made the night even more special, and I couldn’t have been happier I had allowed it to take up space in my closet all this time.

The next day I left for Doha– also a first.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent romper, Christian Louboutin purse, Jimmy Choo heels, Unearthen necklace.

Jenna and Leena sitting pretty.

Arrivals before the mayhem…


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