DReaming A LIttle BIt OFf

Maybe it’s the jet leg or the heat that feels like it’s swallowing me whole. Maybe it’s that I’ve been eating breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast for the last three days. I don’t know.

I’m in the mood to wear all the clothes I left at home layered with swaths of Arabian cloth and write poems on the side walk in chalk. I want to pile on pounds of jewelry, try my hand at the black robe look, and spend the night in the sand dunes next to my apartment. Or maybe that was just the character I read about this morning around 4am somewhere in the New York Times. Oh, and I want to host a fake gossip TV show from my room (slash I already did with Leigh last night), wear head bands with hats, and not be tired anymore.

I’m off to explore the city with a local expat tonight, wish me (him) luck. I would list the sites I found these pics on if I wasn’t half asleep with I pulled.

Me, having just arrived (and out of it)

p.s Samantha House‘s new collection- I die


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