A LOok INside

As with all women, my bag is my life. I couldn’t survive without it, but these days I’ve noticed that the contents have changed a little bit. In New York I always have a hand full of makeup items, a pair of heels and a pair of flats, a stack of invitations for events and press previews, and an ever-present umbrella. But on assignment here in Doha my activities and purpose are different. It didn’t become clear to me how different until I emptied out my Jo bag yesterday. What I found:

-My flipcam, to document just about everything

A stray lip-gloss, the only makeup I attempt to wear in the blistering heat

-A notepad and pen to jot down ideas, quotes, to-dos

-The local currency, which feels more like monopoly money

-A pashmina, to protect me from the ever-present air conditioning

-My current read, which is amazing by the way

And along with a bag of snacks, I’m set for the day. Oh and my camera cap, because my Nikon is in my hand, snapping away.


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