BUt SEcretly….

I hate live music. It’s just so, so difficult for me not to talk for such a long period of time. And yes, I realize this doesn’t make me cool, and double yes, I’m hoping this public declaration will stunt any and all concert invitations. (Have you ever tried to tell someone their idea for a first date is actually your worst nightmare?)

Outdoor music on other hand, I love. It’s like a picnic but with live entertainment. I’m a hippy at heart, as I’ve declared here and here, and the fashion at this year’s Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Boonaroo music festivals is San Fran-flower power divine. Especially the short shorts, floral-ness, super stylish couples. And, anyone with a daisy in their hair gets a nod from me.

(Tonight I’m off to do my concert alternative: a picnic acquired at Dean and Deluca and comfy indoor, air-conditioned seats at Inception. As I said, I’m a hippy at heart.)

{Floral+straw hat+tote with serious hardware+piece of vintage=hippy perfection}

{What I would give to be back in the 60’s dancing in Golden Gate Park}

Images courtesy of elle.com and lucky.com


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