JOey, J.CRew, ANd J

Last night J said “You were right, I like the romanticism of this”. Although I don’t remember saying it, I wasn’t surprised that those words came out of my mouth at some point. As I’ve touched upon, here, hereand here, the r-word could pretty much be my middle name. I actually do like long walks on the beach, boxes of chocolates, getting caught in the rain, and love stories with happy endings– I mean, let’s be honest, I doodle in hearts.

Needless-to-say, I’m giddy with excitement over the new flick The Romantics. There are the obvious trigger points– the title, dreamy faces, and group of friends whose dynamic is a little too familiar– but then, there is also the fashion. The sweet, Cape-Cod prep ensembles are making me wish I hadn’t canceled my J.Crew catalogue; the make-up-free bonfires have me yearning for Dawson Creek re-runs and over-sized sweaters; and the easy, comfy style has me missing home (among other things/people).


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