{dance on a treadmill…}

Labor Day doesn’t exist in the Middle East. Which means that while on assignment here I’m missing out on all the festivities back home. Instead of spending time on a lake, sun bathing, and drinking Bud Lights, I was at work today. I’m absolutely loving what I’m doing so I don’t feel left out exactly, just kind of distant and unfashionable (I can’t remember the last time I missed New York fashion week!).

So, as a Labor Day gift to myself I decided to spend some extra time purusing my favorite blogs. I think I found out how to do just about everything today– except how to get back to California in time for my grandparent’s BBQ…

Have a beer and get a little sunburnt for me this weekend!

{make the perfect crème brûlée…}

{weave a “fairytale” braid…}

{cut paper peonies…}

{create some music on your own…}

Video by filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis


One comment

  1. Hi
    I just want to say that we have labor day on May 1st every year in the middle east. but we dont have celebration like you do in the US or Europe.
    I hope you are having good time in Dubai 🙂
    Yasmine – Egypt

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