COol SHorts @ NYfw

{From left to right: Lyn Devon, Organic by John Patrick,  Vena Cava}

For the first time possibly ever, I’m actually happy to be seeing spring clothes on the runways. Fall is approaching and it’s usually just a little too depressing to be looking at fun, light clothes you’re not going to get to wear for months and months. But, my current project is in a very hot desert, so these clothes suit me just fine.

Yesterday marked the first day of New York Fashion Week. There was Fashion Night Out, the Project Runway show with Jessica Simpson judging, and the new venue at Lincoln Center. All of which I can’t say I’m missing. I’m happy to be sitting out the madness this season. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been glued to While scouring the site, I decided my top three favorite looks from yesterday’s presentations and shows all included neat, complete with a crease, not too short, and a little bit retro shorts. I’m thinking this are going to make for the perfect traveling look in Madagascar, a trip I’m planning as we speak.

Oh, and I might just have to try the orange lipstick the models were sporting at Vena Cava (but not while traveling– that would be too silly, even for me).

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