LOve.NEed.NOw: fall street trends

{I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of motorcycle boots for foorrrreeeeevvvvveeerrrr}

With the help of Tommy Ton, I’ve settled on a few trends I’m going to be incorporating this fall slash winter:

  • Body con dresses paired with motorcycle boots
  • Olive green anything
  • Tangerine orange accents
  • Preppy, glam, rock mix-ups
  • Tons and tons of sparkle

When the weather starts to get cold I can’t help but settle on a uniform, something easy, yet chic. Pretty sure this season it’s going to be a fitted dress, chunky boots, and my green safari jacket. To fool people in to thinking I’m not wearing the exact same thing every day, I’ll be mixing it up by adding sparkle (of which I’m accumulating plenty of over here) or a touch of rock.

Unless I find myself in San Francisco for winter, in which case I’ll be wearing hiking clothes.

{A full-scale, all-hands-on-deck hunt has started for this clutch}

{FYI Kimberly Taylor has the BEST body cons}

Images by Tommy Ton for


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