FAiry TAles

{Adam//Thakoon//Ralph Lauren}

Ah, love. I luv love. Hence the name of my blog. Jennifer Aniston movies, first dates, dreamy gazes, I heart it all. That said, and I think most of the gals I know would agree, by the time you reach a certain age reality starts to set in. Turns out all those Disney endings aren’t exactly a true representation of what it’s all about. You get bruised, disillusioned, make the same mistakes twice, and probably do some heart-breaking yourself. I’ve found the older I get, the harder it is to maintain my romantic Jane Austen position on things.

Enter this season’s evening frocks: sheer, chiffon, glitter, made for a princess. Clearly designers are siding with Taylor (Swift) for Spring. Yes folks, apparently (sometimes) fairy tales do come true.


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