ROse ANd GInger

{heart shaped cookie cutter//sugar}

As my friends know all too well, I am subject to many a whim.

I’m going to be a psychologist. No, I’m going to writer. Scratch that, I’m going to go travel world.

I’m moving to San Francisco. No, I’m going to London. Or, er, maybe I’m heading back to New York. Ooor, just maybe, I don’t know what I’m doing…

That said, one thing has never changed: my love of meringue. I heart it fancy from Dean and Deluca, handmade in my kitchen, with filling, on top of a pie. And, I really, really heart it in the shape of a heart. I probably make them once a week and they are generally eaten still warm out of the oven. Yesterday I used this recipe, which I fondly remember having had once at Rose Bakery in Paris. The crystallized ginger makes them ever so special, and there’s something unexpected about the sugar and spice flavoring. To get them in a heart shape, place a cookie cutter sprayed with cooking spray down and fill it with airy goodness.

Enjoy (preferably with someone you heart).


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