THis LIttle PIggy

{Photos from my recent jaunt to Oman}

When I travel the first thing I seek out is the local market place. Whether it’s full of antiques, food, or touristy trinkets, I’m endlessly entertained by all the goods.

Maybe, it’s the countless hours I spend at my local Farmer’s Market in California because I feel utterly at home when wandering from stall to stall. Or, maybe it’s that although I don’t speak the local language, I kinda do: the language of shopping.

{If only I could bring all of these bobbles home…}

{And… I want every single one}

{And… I want two of each}




  1. Oh I love those shoes!
    they remind me of the ones Carrie bought in SATC2.
    I totally fell in love with them then and again now!
    tell me you bought some!?


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