IT’s ALl in the DEtails

Feel free to be a little cheeky
{although this In God We Trust necklace is probably not Nanna approved}
Having worked at ELLE Accessories for years, I have quite the shoe/bag/gem collection. But, my love of accessories started long before– while huddled over my Nanna’s jewelry box.
Always upon my request, my Nanna would tell me the stories behind her beautiful treasures: how one of her favorite necklaces was given to her by a college boyfriend as she stood on her sorority house steps, how the gorgeous blue beaded bracelet was her grandmother’s grandmother’s, and how the collection of brooches was something she started while visiting my aunt in Japan twenty years ago. It was during these stories that I learned how to really wear jewelry, what to look for when purchasing vintage pieces, and the importance in holding on to pieces (even Cracker Jack rings). I swear, when I hold my Nanna’s jewelry I can feel the past rushing back, and all of a sudden I find myself standing amidst my her memories. Beyond the glittery appeal, this is why I love jewelry.
Needless to say, I’ve picked up a thing or two on my recent travels to add to my Nanna’s collection (and mine). But in the meantime, here are some of her tips:
Lady-like earrings are a must
{hand-me-down clip-ons, above and below}
Mix old and new
{borrowed bangles and watch from grandma, Sillybandz, friendship bracelet from Costa Rica, Juicy Couture necklace worn as a bracelet}
Don’t be afraid of statement pieces
{this was a gift from Mesi Jilly herself}

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