WInter WIShes

{Wishin’ and hopin’ and dreamin’}

I believe in pieces that will stand the test of time, style and quality wise. A floral dress that can be worn with sandals or boots, earrings that transition from day to night, a purse that is classic in every sense of the word– these are my ideas of sound investments (along with my pesky and sad savings account).

With my birthday and winter simultaneously approaching I’ve been doing a little online browsing and compiled the stream-lined results above. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous to return to the cold New York winter and a new pair of boots are a must this year. Also on my wish list, a 35 mm lens for my camera and a new passport cover because mine is starting to look pretty mangled from this recent six-month long jaunt.

1. Etoile Isabel Marant floral dress, $480: perfect for just about everything, picnics on the beach in San Francisco, weekend errand running in New York, and layered over cozy grey tights in the snow.

2. Isabel Marant cuff, $410: a statement piece that goes with everything is a must in my book, especially when it has a little edge to it.

3. Smythson passport cover, $105: for a pretty in pink passport.

4. Zadig & Voltaire leather jacket, $1,200: I’ve been obsessing over Z & V leather jackets for a couple seasons now, this may just be the year I indulge.

5. Diamond earrings, $150: I like earrings that never have to be changed and these are perfect for the lazy accessories editor in me.

6. Nikon 35mm lens, $190: for the blurry-in-the-back portrait shot.

7. Lanvin leather boots, $1,640: I’m always on the hunt for Anne Hall inspired boots you can actually walk in and these just happen to fit the bill.

8. Fendi large Peekaboo tote, $2,250: no explanation needed here.


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