THis TIme ARound

{Treats from Dean and Deluca and Smythson}

Birthdays are great for lots of reasons, you get presents, are the center of attention, and are told to make wishes. But personally, my favorite thing about birthdays is that they remind you how far you’ve come. It’s impossible not to think back over the prior year and create a mental checklist of everything that’s been. A retrospective of sorts.

A year ago would I have had any idea I would be where I am now, met the people I celebrated with, or traveled to the places I have? Not in my wildest dreams. Reminiscing about these last year’s amazing times made this bday such a treat– that and the surfeit of lemon, orange, chocolate, and strawberry macaroons I received and munched on alllll day long.

So tell me, what do you look forward to on your birthday?

{Special thank you to @mymostfavorite for the surprise cakes and monograms}



  1. Happy birthday, Laney! So jealous you got to much on macaroons all day – they are my fav! I love having an excuse to get all of my favorite people together in one room and hang out and laugh while trying out a fabulous restaurant we haven’t been to before – nothing super fancy, but perfect becasue I get to be with those I love! And – I love stretching out my birthday celebration, I am more a fan of the birthday week or even month (I’m still getting to celebrate…so this year it is my birthday month). Glad we get to share it!
    Much love,

  2. Laney, a belated happy birthday! Macarons are one of my favorite treats and those look amazing. Your previous post was so sweet, by the way – thanks for the shout-out! Glad that you had a happy day and looking forward to meeting up when you return to NYC.


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