ARabian NIghts

{‘Me and my blackberry’ by Marc Bunag}

Yesterday’s opening night was incredible. The sky did this amazing cloud dance and the red carpet went off with out a hitch. We celebrated at the after party where I got to wear/borrow an amazing dress by a new line, Toujouri. The designer worked with Matthew Williamson, as you can see by the embroidery and flowy-ness, and in only her second season she’s already hitting her stride. I have to say, this is one piece I wish it didn’t have to go back– New York could use a little Arabian flair, don’t ‘ya think?

{the calm before the storm}

{The designer, Lama}


Catching up with Fatz, Marc B., Leigh Bee, Ali S., @jennaarnold’s parents and her boyfriend’s cousin (because it’s a small world like that), and my new fav BLurie.



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