LAdies NIght

{Vintage dress and clutch, Zara belt, Nina Bukvic earrings, & hair that desperately needs a cut}

Remember the scene in Sex and the City 2 when the women in abayas take off their robes and unveil head-to-toe Louis Vuitton? Well, Friday night I got to witness something even better: a Middle Eastern women-only party. And by party, I mean full-on dance, glitter, streamers, dj bash. You could hear the music at least a mile away, the house and backyard were covered in beautiful oriental rugs, the food was divine, and women who I’ve only ever seen with their head covered let their hair down. We quite literally danced the night away, and to conclude the evening confetti and streamers were launched in to the air in celebration.

It was, simply put, an incredible night.

{Shake, shake, shake}

{Dancing feet (Jimmy Choos)}

{Even the cakes are Hermes}


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