SAnd ANd A DRess

{J. Crew dress, Tommy Hilfiger glasses}

This weekend I traveled to the UAE for one final Middle Eastern trip before returning to New York. With the Formula 1 race going on in Au Dhabi just about everyone I knew was making the pilgrimage, and so did Leigh and I decided to join as well. I have plenty of pictures of parties, which I’ll share with you tomorrow, but I also managed to do a little sight-seeing in the sand.

Sometimes you pack just the right thing, and this weekend this dress was it. You first saw it here and this time around it proved to be the perfect daytime answer to my travels. It protected me from the scalding desert sun and I enjoyed an amazing picnic underneath a palm tree with @jennaarnold’s family. Similarly, the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi was just simply stunning but required covered knees and shoulders (hence the scarf).

Turns out the mosque was good place to think about my impending trip home– as well as all the (minor) sins committed at the prior night’s slew of bashes.

{H & M scarf}




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