LIke ITs THe ENd OF THe WOrld

{Porter Gray dress at Crystal in Dubai}

Today I’m stuffed up and barely have a voice. Why? Because I partied like it was the end of the world last weekend in Abu Dhabi. I’m generally more of a stay at home and watch a movie kind of girl, but I went down to Abu Dhabi to play with friends at the Formula 1 event and play we did. Chiprianis, yachts, live preformances by Prince, Kayne, Flo Rida, and one too many bottles of champagne lead to amazing last weekend. And a very sore throat.

Please excuse all the photos, but a lot happens if you never sleep…

{H & M romper at Chiprianis Abu Dhabi}

{DKNY one-pieces and American Apparel shorts}

{Dubai Marina}

{Leigh et al}

{Ali and me, dancing machine, in Abu Dhabi}

{Leigh and me}


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