INflight SUrvival GUide

My flight back to New York was fifteen hours long. I was dreading it so much I considered staying in the Middle East forever. But, luckily I ended up sleeping almost the whole way, which I attribute to the fact that over the past few months I’ve managed to perfect my economy-class flying technique.

I wear my most comfy pair of baggy jeans, wrap myself in a pashmina, slip on my music and eye mask, and am good to go. In a little pouch I pack a pair of warm socks incase the plane is cold, Visine and Chapstick incase my eyes and lips get dry, and I drink plenty of water to help with puffiness.

Now, if only there was a cure for jet-leg…

1. Prps boyfriend jeans, $450,

2. J.Jill socks, $18.50,

3. Forzieri Pashmina,$350,

4. Shiseido eye treatment, $39,

5. Nixon Headphones, $82.50,

P dot s, I  wrote an article for about how to deal with plane bloat based on Dr. Perricone’s tips a while back– you can check it out here.


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